SCHUTZKARTE - the protection against digital pickpocketing

SCHUTZKARTE protects your credit cards, bank cards, debit cards, bonus program cards and ID cards from digital pickpocketing. Your personal information is safe with the wallet in your purse and wallet when the SCHUTZKARTE covers your cards completely.

SCHUTZKARTE simply protects your data

  • Put the SCHUTZKARTE simply to the banknotes in your wallet, so that all your cards are completely covered.
  • Our SCHUTZKARTE is a special foil. If the SCHUTZKARTE is larger than your wallet, you can trim it to fit without compromising its protective function.

Modern check cards are equipped with contactless wireless technology (RFID 13.56 MHz). This makes paying and ID cards easy - but also insecure. Because thieves can just as easily spy on without contact:your data, your credit card number, your bank account, your name and more.

For that thieves do not even need expensive technology - a smartphone, an app and an opportunity in your area is enough.

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Pickpocketing by app

How easily thieves can access your data using contactless radio technology in modern cards can be found in the following article by KOMO 4 NEWS.

Here you will find more articles on this topic.

Alternative to the protection card: protective covers or aluminum foil

You can also protect your cards by wrapping each of your cards with aluminum foil or putting each individual card in a separate protective case. Even if you only have three or four cards, you would be constantly busy finding the right card and packing and unpacking your cards. Works - but is quite impractical.

It's easier with the protection card. You simply put the PROTECTION CARD like a banknote to your banknotes. So you are well protected against the digital pickpocketing and still keep the overview in your wallet.

SCHUTZKARTE is ideal as an advertising medium for your customers.

It is inexpensive.

Everyone needs it.

You can use the complete back for advertising purposes.